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The Witch, and the Maid of Honour: A Lost Novel by Elizabeth Craven

The Witch and the Maid of Honour is a two-volume novel published privately and anonymously in London in 1799. It has a dedication to the Maids of Honour, signed "the Old Woman".


The writer of the following trifle requests the honour of presenting to you the History of a Lady who formerly held the same exalted situation that you hold now. Permit Isabella Markham to solicit your patronage for the Author, who has the honour of being,

                         With great respect,

                                        Your obedient humble Servant,

                                                                   The OLD WOMAN.

                                                                                    Maj i, 1799.

So, unless there is some hidden jest, whoever wrote it is apparently a woman. The Dedication is followed by a mock preface that refers in a light-hearted way to John Locke's Essay Upon the Human Understanding. Then the novel b…

Paperback edition of Elizabeth Craven: Writer, Feminist and European

The book Elizabeth Craven: Writer, Feminist and European, is now available in paperback:

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